About Us

Print Links was founded in 2010 by Brian Chambers. He has been in the print industry for over 20 years helping customers manage their print needs. From consultation to design to production to shipping to storage. All within budget and on time. The process of managing print orders has changed greatly. One aspect does remain the same, it still (and will always) require great customer service. We don’t know any other way.

We will always have full “hands on” clients but increasingly we’re finding that some customers like to handle some aspects of the print process themselves. From design to placing an on-line order. If done properly, it can save time and $!

If your new to design, it can get frustrating. That’s why you’ll see “Free Art Check” all over this site. Send us what you have and we’ll advise as how to prepare a press-ready file for your particular project. Of course we’d like to produce your project. Send along specifications and we’ll get to work on quotes. We will also recommend specification changes if needed. Just a tweak or two could save a lot of $!

Our online store is geared towards our Corporate Clients.  If your organization would like an online print ordering system, we would be MORE than happy to set one up.   

Is Your Art Ready?

We’ll check it for free!

Your order will be processed much more efficiently and accurately if the necessary art meets the printer’s specifications. This is so important that we are glad to check the art in advance, at no charge to you.
Generally speaking, the art needs to be in press-ready PDF files that meet the following requirements:

  • High resolution – no less than 300dpi @100%
  • CMYK – no RGB!
  • Crop marks
  • 0.125″ bleeds

99% of the time, that will do it. Let us ferret out the last 1% of the problems for you!
If your art does not meet the requirements above or if you are just not sure, click the art check button below and send it along.